The Sum of our Experience


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The Sum of Our Experience is the ending to what started as the “Hattiesville Trilogy”. The first
installment, The Wedding Party introduces the readers to the characters, and the fictional town of
Hattiesville, North Carolina, a suburb of Charlotte. It ends with an unanswered question and disturbing
news. Absent…One From Another picks up three years later, answers the question, and introduces a few
new characters: whose lives are entangled in situations of the characters we already knew. Christmas
Dinner wraps it up, and ties it neatly with a bow. But the package is full of heartbreak, revelation,
contemplation, regrets, lies, and even love.

The Sum of Our Experience picks up where Christmas Dinner ends, and exposes wounds that never
healed, questions priorities, and the definition of a mother’s love. There is a major lie at the foundation
of one relationship, and a whirlwind decision in another one. This story sums up the matters of crime,
alcoholism, trust, friendship, love and marriage.



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